Japanese Garden Retreat

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Japanese Garden Design Project

Garden Project Before and After Pictures

Backyard Garden SpaceGarden Clean up









The garden space before cleanup was a neglected area which had no useful purpose. I wanted to transform it into a small backyard Japanese garden space.

Landscape Planter

Soil Preperation and Clean up









The dirt was dry and full of rocks. I raked the planter and used a shovel to break break up dirt. The rocks were removed and excess dirt moved.

Garden Planter Soil









I prepared the planter area to be planted with new landscape plants.


Brick Lined Path

Stone Pavers









I used stone bricks to line the planter.Backyard Garden This will keep the ground cover and other mulch in the planter box. It also gives the space color and dimension.
Landscape Design









I designed the planter area and placed the plants where they should go before digging holes. This would ensure the planter was not too crowded.Backyard Japanese Garden RetreatJapanese Garden Planter









Once the plants were in, and rock ground cover in place the planter was finished. The Japanese garden retreat is complete and ready for garden furniture.




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