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Japanese Garden Design Project

Garden Project Stage 2 - Bamboo Fence Construction

My entire backyard is surrounded by a pinkish colored cinder block wall. It does nothing for the aesthetics of theHow to Build a Bamboo Fence yard, but is very durable. I Backyard Fence Before Bamboo Coveringwanted to add some warmth to the area where I create my Japanese Garden Retreat. I decided to cover the cinder block wall in that area with a bamboo screen. This will not only add warmth to the area, but will also add color, texture and a natural feel to the garden area.


I purchased a roll of bamboo screen which was 6' tall and 15' long for $23.00. I found the material very easy to work with and a good value. I attached it toBamboo Fence Design Construction the block wall by using plastic anchors, screws and wire. I drilled holes in the block wall every 6'. I drilled holes approximately 12" from the top and 12' from the bottom every 6 feet. The anchors are light-duty, since they will not be under much stress from the lightweight bamboo fence. The screwsJapanese Garden Fence were driven in nearly all the way and then I twisted a wire around the screw. The wires were pushed through the gaps in the bamboo screen and twisted around 3 - 4 pieces of bamboo to hold it against the wall. The wires can be pushed against the existing ones and not noticed. Bamboo Fence Covering

I found that when  you need to cut the bamboo fencing covering, a pair of tin snips or heavy duty scissors works fine. If possible, cut near the wire which holds the bamboo together and leave a little extra wire to twist together. That way, the fence will not unravel.     

I was pleased with the result overall. The bamboo screen added a nice natural and warm feeling to the otherwise cold and flat block wall. An added benefit is that bamboo covers a sprinkler pipe along the walkway. I think the bamboo fencing will also fit in nicely with the Japanese Garden theme.

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