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One of the simplest Japanese forms in gardening is a Japanese rock garden. Many gardens which are Japanese themed have a rock garden designed in. Many people mistakenly refer to a Japanese rock garden as a traditional rock and cactus garden. Traditional rock gardens feature plants that will grow in rocky soil. A Japanese rock garden is more correctly referred to as a Zen garden and has no plants at all. There are small rocks designed with larger ones integrated in a natural but very deliberate design. The fine gravel or sand is raked with a wide tooth garden rake and made to simulate waves or other natural flowing lines.

A Japanese rock garden or dry garden is simple and beautiful. Many Japanese monks use a rock garden for meditation and concentration. Japanese rock gardens are created by laying gravel or small stones and raking it in a symmetrical pattern. There may be swirls, lines or shapes formed in the rocks to create a peaceful Zen like Japanese garden. They are an art form that blends nature with man. To create a Japanese rock garden you must start with a good base of small gravel. The rock garden should be balanced and blend in with the surrounding elements of your Japanese garden. These are some of the most beautiful Japanese gardens in the world.

To start designing and creating your Japanese Zen rock garden, clear a space of all vegitation. Lay down a landscape cloth barrier to make sure weeds and other plants dont grow into your rock garden. The material you use depends on the look you are trying to achieve. You can use white sand, granite composed of white feldspar, gray quartz, and black mica. These are all found in traditional Japanese rock gardens. You can then place larger rocks or "islands" throughout the gravel space. Rake the gravel around the larger rocks. Remember to use an odd number of rocks, as is traditional in Japanese garden design. Make sure the larger rocks are buried somewhat to make it look more natural. You don’t have to have a huge space to make a Japanese rock or Zen garden. You can make a table top version or miniature Zen garden on a smaller scale. The idea of a Japanese Zen tock garden is to sit and reflect on it and lat it bring a peaceful feeling to those who meditate on it.


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